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E-Tech Resources is a Canadian rare earth element company which owns 100% of the Eureka project in Namibia.

A uniquely low risk rare earth element project in Namibia

Attractive deposit characteristics – well constrained deposit, low depth, enriched REE grades with a high proportion of Nd & Pr.

Easy physical processability – mono-mineralic conventional REE ore mineral of consistently low thorium content, won by simple gravitational and magnetic methods.

Project accessibility - flat topography, sparsely populated, close proximity to major highway and Walvis Bay container port, on-site water and electricity access, in a favourable mining jurisdiction.

Project Highlights

Shallow, high grade deposit

Simple mineralogy

Simple operations
& logistics management

easy physical processability

Upcoming Highlights



E-Tech Resources Inc. Announces Final Assay Results of Phase 1 Diamond Drilling Programme from its Eureka Project in Namibia

Q3 2021

Drilling Program Campaign 1


Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

Drilling Program Campaign 2


_ Geophysical Radiometric Survey - E-Tech Resources

Q2 - Q3 2022

Geophysical Radiometric Survey to establish drill targets



Drilling Campaigns & Updated
Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE)

Coverage report

Coverage report by Trevor Davis, January 2023

Coverage Report

E-Tech Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that Numus Financial has released a Market Analysis Report on the company. This report features expert analysis and insights, giving investors valuable background information to make informed decisions about their investment opportunities.

News Releases

Supply Gap

For main NdPr magnet applications.

Source: Argus Media, 2022

Market Needs


High tech products need high quality materials.


High growth E-Tech markets demand high volumes.


Geopolitical monopolies need global supply diversification.


Free market need value chain transparency.

ESG Standards

Sustainable supply needs high level ESG standards.

Speed to Market

Market supply deficit needs rapid project development.

Electric Vehicles

Wind energy


MEdical Equipment

Our clean energy future will be electric, renewable, and sustainable

Smart solutions to clean energy sourcing and efficient power transmission will be key to our future interconnectivity.

High performance materials are essential for reliable e-mobility and renewable energy generation.

Neodymium (Nd) and Praseodymium (Pr) are key rare earth elements to hi-tech markets that support a circular economy.

Why Neodymium?

Widely in demand

Neodymium (Nd) is used to make high strength & high performance magnets used in high-performance, low-weight and small size electric motors and generators.

key to our future interconnectivity

Smart solutions to clean energy sourcing, and efficient power transmission. 93% of all Electric Vehicle (EV) motors are permanent magnet traction motors.

Efficient & Reliable

The forecasted increase in wind power supply will almost fully substitute the decline in the coal-based power supply. High-performance materials are essential for reliable e-mobility and renewable energy generation

Rare Earth Metals Availability

More than 80% of all refined rare earths
products are currently produced in China. Countries around the world are actively seeking rare earth resources outside of China as trade disputes and political tensions rise.

Market Potential

Other use cases include computers, robotics, brake energy recapture, and medical technology. Nd is a key rare earth element (along with Praseodymium) to the high-growth, hi-tech markets that support a circular economy.

Accelerating market demand

Transition to clean technology is accelerating, creating a demand-supply gap of Neodymium (Nd).

Highly dependant markets

Nd&Pr (rare earth elements neodymium (Nd) and praseodymium (Pr)) are critical ingredients for electric motor vehicles and wind turbine generators.

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Q1 2023 update

Jim Megann and Chris Drysdale presented project highlights from the first calendar quarter 2022 (Jan, Feb, March)