FSE: K2i


E-TECH Resources aligns its sustainability policy with the guidelines of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The Eureka REE Project will secure sustainable value to its stakeholders by installing a Sustainability Committee to guide its efforts in  the following areas:

Health & Safety

- installing well defined HSSE policies and measures
- guaranteeing low emittance of radioactivity
- securing localised dust management measures

Community Support

- performing social studies and relief measures
- supporting of regional community and social services
- delivering regional industrial development potential

Efficient Consumption

- guaranteeing responsible use of energy and water
- minimising consumption of chemicals
- providing potable and farming water as valuable side-products

Jobs & Education

- offering sustainable work contracts for the national population
- conducting training programmes and educational support
- sponsoring personal development programmes

Environmental Care

- auditing of Environmental and Social Impact analysis and measures
- performing hydrological test work
- development of Life Cycle Inventory and Assessment

Inclusiveness & Fairness

- enabling social inclusiveness
- offering fair work standards and compensation
- securing sustainable project and living standards

Best Practice & Transparency

- installing responsible company codes & policies
- securing high-standard ESG principles
- developing towards certification for sustainable practices

Value Chain Management

- selecting sustainable cooperation partners
- advocating stakeholder involvement
- securing long term business growth and value-add

Code of Conduct & ESG Policies

Charter of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee as it pertains to:

Code of Conduct & ESG Policies