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Q2 2023

After two weeks in the role of CEO of E-Tech I wanted provide some early observations and share some of the key reasons why I joined
E-Tech Resources.

I have been involved in the extractive resource industry since the early 1990’s, working on oil and gas plays, pipelines, hydro power projects, but mainly on mineral exploration and developments.

My successes span various stages of development, from grass roots prospecting, greenfield exploration, resource delineation, feasibility engineering, construction, operations, and de-commissioning. The commodities that I’ve worked with in the minerals sector include gold, diamonds, zinc, tungsten, nickel, iron ore, and rare earth elements.

In addition to my work with both public and private companies, I’ve been appointed to two Federal/Indigenous resource co-management boards. In the role of Chair and CEO of the Boards I experienced firsthand what drives regulatory oversight, administration and operations.

I believe that responsible development is essential to build and maintain sustainable economies. For me the Eureka project has all the elements necessary for success. I am excited about E-Tech and the Eureka project for several reasons, starting with the quality of the people who are currently working in the field and the data that they are collecting.

Forecasts for the supply of the critical rare earth elements (REE) found at Eureka, specifically Neodymium (Nd) and Praseodymium (Pr), predict an increasing demand and a supply shortfall for years to come. Assays from the Eureka property are showing impressive grades of the Total Rare Earth Oxides, or “TREO” which contain significant amounts of the Nd and Pr high-value elements.

An improved understanding of the geology has prompted E-tech to increase its land position by over 200%. E-Tech now controls the entire “Eureka Dome” structure which is host to numerous new exploration targets.

Early test work on samples from the E-Tech’s properties show positive results and indicate the potential to use more conventional, lower cost and lower risk methods to produce the concentrated materials needed for further processing. This is particularly important for a REE deposit.

In addition to the people, the geology, and the properties, E-Tech has jurisdictional and infrastructure advantages. The country is recognized as a favourable mining jurisdiction with an established regulatory system. The existing ports, power grid and road network are well developed. Several large-scale mining operations near the Eureka properties have been in operation for decades. Namibia is no stranger to mining, and mining is no stranger to Namibia.

I will be heading to site in the weeks ahead to witness firsthand this exciting project. I look forward to providing updates and sharing my observations as we move decisively forward and continue to unlock the value of E-Tech for the benefit of all shareholders.

Todd Burlingame
CEO, E-Tech Resources

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