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Eureka Project

The Eureka Project in Namibia demonstrates favourable time-to-market expectations by:

Attractive deposit characteristics

Easily mineable, enriched REE (Nd & Pr) grades.

Easy physical processability

Simple mineralogy, low radiation, easy processing.

Project accessibility

Well connected, modern infrastructure, favourable jurisdiction.


Simple Mineralogy

Easy Physical Processability

Simple Operations & Logistics Management

Exploration Potential

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Staff sorting RC drilling samples Eureka
worker at Eureka, Namibia E-Tech Resources

Prime Location

The Eureka REE Project is situated in the heart of the Erongo Region of Namibia, the “mining corridor of Namibia”. Neighbouring mines in the region include Rossing Uranium, Navachab Gold, Afritin Tin, Namib Lead Zinc. The Project is favourably located in sparsely populated, semi-arid, flat topographical area within 2km of the Trans-Kalahari tarmac highway which provides tarred road links between the Namibian port of Walvis Bay on the Atlantic coast and Namibia’s capital city Windhoek.

Namibia has a warm desert to semi-arid climate with two distinct wet seasons either side of summer. The pre-summer rainy season runs from September and Novemb er and is much less intense than the post-summer rainy season which runs between February and April. The project area is rocky semi-arid desert terrain at the boundary between the Namib Desert and the Great Escarpment. The project area is flat, arid and climatically stable with very low rainfall even during the rainy seasons.

The country has a well-established infrastructure with paved highways, railway, power and water all in close proximity to the project. A high tension, 200 kV AC, power lines run in close proximity to the Project, with a substation approximately 10 km to the SSE. 

Namibia is mining-friendly, with a clear and transparent mining code for the entire project lifecycle (exploration, development and construction), and internationally recognized as one of the African continent’s most social and politically stable jurisdictions.

Namibia has a strong history of mining and exploration; skilled professionals and drilling and exploration services are readily available within country. The country’s local mining skill set is of a high standard, with an extensive literate and multi-lingual workforce.

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