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Europe’s exclusive “Metal-to-Machine” E-Tech Conference in Italy

It has been a long time since conferences could be held in-person and last week’s Italy’s E-Tech Conference 2022 was one of them!

On 12th and 13th April a swathe of project developers, component manufacturers and OEMs, along the e-Mobility related value chains, gathered to show-off their achievements at the exhibition grounds of the “Fiere de Bologna”.

Italy, well known for its fast-and-furious luxury exports, was a fitting location for visitors from all over Europe to show-case and witness the latest R&D developments in e-motor evolution. Rare earth permanent magnet (REPM) in all sorts of electro-vehicles, from e-bikes to  e-UFOs, played a starring role as enablers to the technology at the fair.

E-Tech Resources attended the show with its own, well marketed booth to showcase the results from the ongoing exploration at its Eureka Rare Earths Project in Namibia. Although almost everybody still wore protective masks, it was an uplifting experience to have face-to-face discussions at our booth and to bring E-Tech to the stage and closer to its European stakeholders.

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